Templating Languages

One this journey to learn new things, especially “static” web development, I’ve stumbled on templating Languages. The past few days have been me delving into Twig. I’m enjoying what I’ve been learning. Although templating languages aren’t a steep learning curve, its been a challenge. The challenge mostly has been in... [Read More]

Not Forgotten

I realized it’s been a few weeks since writing. I missed it. I’ve not forgotten about my exploration of Jekyll and “static” web design. Simply in my freelance career where I do mostly Wordpress development and design, I’ve been super busy. As well a pile of graphic design came up... [Read More]

Solved!!!! Screen for the win

Since entering the idea of using a static site generator for blogging, and developing a website, I ran into a challenge. Auto updates. It’s certain I approach static from a CMS persepective. After all it’s been many many years that I’ve been deep into Wordpress as a solution for all... [Read More]

JAMstack and IPA

As I sip a delicious IPA from Maybee Brewery I can’t help but ponder. The IPA is their Workhorse IPA. I’ve drank through their offerings and find myself well pleased with Maybee. But I digress. The mere title of Work Horse bounces in my mind. I think Jekyll is a... [Read More]


As part of the workflow to change over to developing static sites. I’m learning about the all important Jamstack (JavaScript, APIs & Markup). I believe that static websites are making a comeback. With large CMS options being too much at times, there needs to be a simpler solution. And there... [Read More]