This morning has me pondering an important idea. How to get more design clients. 2018 is coming up fast and typically I use the week ahead of if to reflect on the past year of business, and how to create systems to improve the next year. Having moved to a new city, I’m finding myself forced to figure out how to get more clients again.

One of the unique challenges about the amazing city I’ve moved to is people value local. The challenge is all of my design portfolio reflects work in other provinces and cities. I need to prove I am local. Some of that started with rebuilding a website which reflects a maritime feel because I live in a maritime region. I also began a group, Saint John Geek Beers. A monthly meetup to gather the local nerds, small biz people, and entrepreneurs. I love small biz and wanted to see who is doing what in this city, also the self serving purpose is to find potential clients and grow my business. But mostly I love networking and getting to know people, so starting a meetup to gather like minded thinkers in business and nerd-ery (is that a word?! If not I claim it as one now)

So in trying to find new clients I am pondering many things. Wondering what works best, some ideas:

  • cold emails to local business
  • knock on doors
  • figure out how to web scrape new domains launched locally
  • localized facebook ads

I know there has to be some tried and true methods. One which I used was a kijiji ad. It’s drawn some attention and traffic to my business site, as well has resulted in a few quote requests. I’m pleased with this result. But still figuring out what else I can do.