Sometimes I find Wordpress to be too much. It’s overkill sometimes for client needs. So I’ve been seeking a simpler solution that would work in my design flow. I stumbled on Jekyll and enjoying what I am discovering is possible with it. Imparticular that it’s written with the Liquid language which is also used by Shopify. The side part to that, is I believe there’s a increase in demand for developers to work on the shopify platform. So I wanted to learn their language.

This site is built on Jekyll, hosted on my pine64 and served via nginx. I have a lot to learn, but it’s going well. I understand Jekyll is often paired with GitHub pages, but I’m hoping to not do that. Instead keep it all local, and see if I can run as a purely local setup. I’m encountering issues, but thats to be expected since this si day two of my using Jekyll.

To write posts I’ve got Atom as my text editor remotely connected to my server, and then it updates as a new post is written. Downfall is I have to have a terminal window open running Jekyll serve as a command to keep it watching for changes. My big wish, and a milestone would be to have Jekyll watching for changes without that terminal window needing to be open. No idea how to do that. I’d sure love some help if someone knew how to do that! If you do know, please email me the solution. That would be rad!!!!