One this journey to learn new things, especially “static” web development, I’ve stumbled on templating Languages. The past few days have been me delving into Twig. I’m enjoying what I’ve been learning. Although templating languages aren’t a steep learning curve, its been a challenge. The challenge mostly has been in me trying to figure out decoupled wordpress installs, and using a template language to build wordpress themes. I look to wordpress simply because it’s what I’m familar with. I’ve spent years as a wordpress designer and developer. Yes I know this blog is powered by Jekyll. And I’m continuing to learn in depth about it. But for client work (at least until I’m confident with Jekyll) I use wordpress.

In figuring out twig, I stumbled on Timber which is allowing me to use twig as i build a theme. I began with their starter theme to start understanding. Often that’s how my brain functions best. Look at whats been done, manipulate it some. And then as I get comfortable I can work on developing my own stuff. While I a basic grasp currently on twig, I know as I use it more, that will grow and change.

Who know maybe this blog will morph back to wordpress and using a theme I make using twig. I can’t say for sure. But for now the journey is fun and the learning curve is moderate.