Jekyll - Part Deux

The struggle I was facing trying to work with Jekyll was site updates. The constant need to have a terminal window open to update my site. Well I found a solution. The reality check is, that I’m not writing a post every minute, so I don’t need jekyll serve to... [Read More]

Playing with Jekyll

Sometimes I find Wordpress to be too much. It’s overkill sometimes for client needs. So I’ve been seeking a simpler solution that would work in my design flow. I stumbled on Jekyll and enjoying what I am discovering is possible with it. Imparticular that it’s written with the Liquid language... [Read More]
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Finding Clients

This morning has me pondering an important idea. How to get more design clients. 2018 is coming up fast and typically I use the week ahead of if to reflect on the past year of business, and how to create systems to improve the next year. Having moved to a... [Read More]

First post!

This is my first post, how exciting!
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